[DRBD-user] Replica of existing ext3 fs

Xavier xavier at rootshell.be
Fri Mar 26 08:11:49 CET 2004

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I installed drbd and i'm currently playing arround, sound really *great*.
I plan to use it to replicate a ext3 fs soon (in production) but I would like
to avoid problems, so I've a few questions:

1. My drbd.conf has:

	sync-min    = 500k
	sync-max    = 1M
	tl-size     = 5000
	timeout     = 60
	connect-int = 10
	ping-int    = 10
	ko-count    = 4

And I need to replicate a 10Gb fs via a 100Mbits link. Is there some kind of formula to estimate the time needed for a first sync?

2. What's the best solution: (to avoid downtime, loss of data, ...)

	1. Umount the fs, setup drbd, remount using new device?
	2. Full backup, create a new fs on top of drbd and restore?

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