[DRBD-user] drbd.spec "template"

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Thu Mar 25 00:16:03 CET 2004

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/ 2004-03-24 13:30:02 -0800
\ Kees Cook:
> > > -Packager: 
> > > +Packager: Lars Ellenberg <l.g.e at web.de>
> > 
> > No Sir. :)
> > I'm NOT the packager for "just someone" that happens to say "make rpm".
> > Not at all.  So I don't like my name in a spec file *template*.
> Well, who wrote the template?  :)  Modern RPM requires a valid "packager" 
> field.  And with that, people can just do a straight "rpmbuild -ta 
> drbd-VERSION.tar.gz" and not mess around.

Look at how I did it for the 0.6.12.  I have only a drbd.spec.in there.
Maybe thats just misunderstanding on my part, but if I actually
provided a *real* spec file, and not just a template, that one
would be distribution specific.  And that is for sure not my
buisiness, even less so since I am by no means an expert in
packaging :)

rpmbuild -ta drbd-VERSION.tar.gz 
won't work *in general*, unless someone takes on the task of
writing all the magic needed to tune the sources for whatever
distribution and (vendor) kernel version and so on.

Though I made some effort to put magic in there to have it build
automagically on the most common distros, I won't claim that it
"just works". You still need to sometimes edit the drbd_config.h
for example. One could add more layers of magic. I rather just put
it into the README and INSTALL, and leave it to the packager
to manually edit some files as documented if necessary.

I don't want to get complaints about "hey, DRBD just does not work
on RHES 7.1 ;(" just because rpmbuild fails.
So I make sure from the start:
 I'm not a distributor, this is a template only.
 If you want to use it, you have to know what you are doing,
 and adjust it to your needs.

Leaving off the packager, and some other required fields, is my
way to make sure that who ever wants to build a package at least
is able to edit spec files, and maybe even fix/adjust it for what
ever distribution in question. :)

Building packages is NOT meant to be done by "end users",
but by package maintainers.
And I'd really rather leave this for the distributors.

But if there is some rpm wizard out there, and wants to provide some
tuned spec file for some distribution, we shall be happy to include it.

	Lars Ellenberg

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