[DRBD-user] block size

Jim Richard jimr at psi.edu
Wed Mar 24 03:14:26 CET 2004

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using 0.6.12 source from 10 March 2004

I notice on the terminal's of my 2 nodes that when I do a datadisk stop 
on primary and then datadisk start on the secondary, the roles 
(primary/secondary) switch (that's what I expect) and then on the 
terminal of the old primary (the one that just became secondary because 
  the other node did a datadisk start) I see:

drbd0: blksize=1024 B
drbd0: blksize=4096 B

what's that about, do I need to be concerned about mismatched blocksizes 
on the lower level devices of my 2 physical devices ?

Also, do I understand that sync direction is always Primary to Secondary 
or at least is that the default operation ? i.e you control sync 
direction by setting primary/secondary ....

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