[DRBD-user] using drbd in a monolithic kernel?

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Tue Mar 23 20:17:48 CET 2004

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/ 2004-03-23 09:27:17 -0500
\ Todd Denniston:
> Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> > 
> > / 2004-03-23 09:53:33 +0100
> > \ Philipp Reisner:
> <SNIP>
> > > Lars, David, Philipp: Any oppinions on how the sources should be layed out,
> > >   from the viewpoint of a package maintainer ?
> > 
> > We could as well "split" it into a kernel patch, and the user level tools.
> > 
> <SNIP>
> I don't think this is exactly what you are talking about, but it is related.
> As just a User, I would like to see a kernel module and user level tools
> split, on an rpm's produced level.
> The reason: so I can upgrade kernels, install the newly built drbd module rpm
> and not have to --force the install because it also includes the drbd tools. 
> Note: this is using the same drbd release.  Granted the tools rpm should
> probably depend on the version of the module installed so the api is known to
> match.

SuSE had this split since they included DRBD into their release.
I thinkg Debian has this split, too. I don't know about RH or others.
The suggested drbd.spec in the DRBD source tar ball has this split
since 0.6.10 or something.

But this is the *binary* distribution,
and the package maintainer should
take care of such issues...

We talked about the most convenient source layout
from the viewpoint of a package maintainer.

	Lars Ellenberg

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