[DRBD-user] pop/imap high availability with drbd

armin langhofer armin at langhofer.net
Tue Mar 23 11:34:10 CET 2004

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what i want
i'm looking for a solution that my pop boxes become high avalibility.

therefore i dont want to depend on a single internet connection only. 
the internet connection is a spof (single point of failure). if it fails 
the net will become unreachable.

i want to setup up several hosts spreadded on the internet. each of them 
should be mostly available and serve the pop/imap boxes.

the mailboxes should be stored in maildir (has not to be but i would 
appreciate it).

what i (think to) need

so what i need for this is a kind of "network raid". i found your 
project and could not figure out if it would be possible to sync the 
data between two hosts IN EACH DIRECTION?

many projects offering high avalibility only replicates in one direction 
which is uninteressting for me due to the service on the backup server 
should be able to change the data. the changed data should be 
syncronized to the primary server back again as it comes up.

could you please tell me if drdb offers a "TWO-WAY" synchronisation? is 
it restricted to one-way only?

best regards, armin.

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