[DRBD-user] degraded mode / start-up procedures

Jim Richard jimr at psi.edu
Mon Mar 22 01:55:00 CET 2004

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just to verify, what exactly does "degraded mode" mean ? I take it, that 
means to start up one of the nodes with the other one down, that right ?

concerning proper setup at boot, when I do drdb start and the other node 
is not up, I of course get the question about whether I want to make 
this node primary. Problem is, this question hangs up my boot process if 
I am not in from of the terminal to answer "yes". IS there a way to make 
the drbd start script default to answer yes to this question ? I could 
change the script, but would this maybe be a really bad idea for some 
reason (make it default to yes on this question always) ?

thanks for your advice ...

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