[DRBD-user] rpc.lockd / rpc.statd on heartbeat takeover of drbd systems.

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at ssa.crane.navy.mil
Mon Mar 15 16:52:58 CET 2004

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Philipp Reisner wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 11. März 2004 21:49 schrieb Todd Denniston:
> > Please forgive the rambling disconnected nature of this message, I have
> > spent too many hours attempting to answer my own question. I yield, surely
> > someone on this list has figured out the answer to the question, but not
> > got it in big bold letters in the howto yet.
> [...]
> Sorry for not reading all this, and going into the details, but
> have a look at ~drbd/documentation/NFS-Server-README.txt and
> keep in mind that "stateless" NFS keeps its state in /var/lib/nfs.
> -> You have to have these files on the drbd device. Symlink
> the directory....
Yep, as per the NFS portion of the HOWTO, /var/lib/nfs ->
/nfsstate/var/lib/nfs and nfsstate is one of the drbd controlled devices on
both systems.

currently I do not have either of the problems described in
'drbd/documentation/NFS-Server-README.txt'.  I will be playing with the state
of statd/lockd today and see if it causes either of those problems.

the current state (after just following the HOWTO), is statd is up at boot
(rc3.d/S14nfslock), but nfs is not started until heartbeat is
(rc3.d/S75heartbeat) and statd is not currently controlled by heartbeat.

> ... BTW, I have never used fedora personally, so maybe you are
> talking about something else...
Actually that is very possible. Could you, or anyone else, point me to an
online version of the "nfsserver" script that you use? That is the "nfsserver"
called out in the /etc/ha.d/haresources sub section of nfs integration in the
drbd HOWTO:

I think a good deal of my confusion comes from that script not being overtly
available for comparison with what redhat has.  The way it is used in the
documentation it looks like the person writing it thought everyone had a copy,
so I believe it is from a particular distribution which I happen not to be

> -Philipp

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