[DRBD-user] Extremely slow sync speed

Mark Hellman markhellman at techie.com
Thu Mar 11 20:20:33 CET 2004

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Two servers both with 1 Gigabit NICs and connected by a crossed cable.
When sync starts, the speed is normal (30000 K/sec). After a few minutes,
it drops to the values seen bellow.

# cat /proc/drbd
version: 0.6.11 (api:64/proto:62)

0: cs:SyncingAll st:Primary/Secondary ns:104102280 nr:0 dw:30380
dr:104095280 pe:45 ua:0
        [==============>.....] sync'ed: 74.7% (34538/136187)M
        finish: 3:41:09h speed: 2,676 (5,653) K/sec

/dev/nb0 is 133GB in size (LVM beneath DRBD). If the 30000 K/sec transfer
rate was sustained, the full sync would take about 1.5 hours. But in this
case it took 10 hours!

Is this a problem of DRBD or aren't IDE hard drives capable of keeping up
sustained high transfer rates?


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