[DRBD-user] database on drbd

Carson Gaspar carson+drbd-devel at taltos.org
Mon Mar 8 18:32:40 CET 2004

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--On Friday, March 05, 2004 21:49:18 +0100 Lars Ellenberg 
<Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com> wrote:

[ Re: database consistency ]

> As long as you use protocol "C", this is NOT true.
> If some user (file system, database, any program) wants to
> complete a "transaction", it should make sure that whatever was
> modified is on stable storage.
> To do so typically (f)sync is used.
> With protocol "C" in connected mode, this completes only
> *after* sync completed on *both*, active AND passive node.

As I understand it, protocol "B" should also be OK, as long as the 
secondary doesn't reboot at the same time, and may improve performance over 
protocol "C".


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