[DRBD-user] MAKEDEV: don't know what "drbd" is

Helmut Wollmersdorfer helmut.wollmersdorfer at gmx.at
Tue Mar 2 00:03:25 CET 2004

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> Error or feature?
> Neither, its "ignorance" on the MAKEDEV side ...

Or they don't know.

> My MAKEDEV does not know about and some other stuff either.
> create a patch and submit it to MAKEDEV upstream...

The short story:
There are 2 new bugs at
#235676: MAKEDEV: don't know what "drbd" is
#235679: makedev -v has incorrect output

The second one is not drbd related. I just used makedev the 3rd time and
found the second error ... STOP - my aim is to help making  high quality
packages perfect, only one package at the same time. Now this is drbd, maybe the
next will be heartbeat or dict, but this is months away.

The long story:
1) I could not identify the developers, debian people seem to code a lot.
This is the reason, why I submitted the bug to debian. Maybe somebody else
deals with the other important distributions.

2) There are some interesting things going on:
+  * update handling of network block devices (nb) so that specifying a
+    device works as expected.  calling for 'nb' will give nb0 and nb1. 
+    don't whine about 'lvm' since no makedev support is required, leave
+    unrecognized since I don't know what it is, closes: #113231

makedev: need extra devices on block major 43 for package enbd

> > All the DRBD related HOWTOs do not write about this.
> Point taken, should be improved.

It's on my list.

> # cd /dev ; for i in `seq 1 8`; do mknod nb$i b 43 $i ; done
> Maybe we even add this to the make intall target?

As I am far away from your deep system and coding knowledge, I cannot say if
this will work in all situations.
In the language of requirements engineering, there can be 4 (or more)
different preconditions:
1) no nbX defined (the main flow)
2) some, but not all nbX defined
3) all nbX defined
4) some or all nbX defined AND used by an other kernel module

> In short: Don't.  Remove and reinstall.

DRBD seems to work. I will first try to finish my intended configuration,
make a sanity check and after this reinstall _everything_ from scratch.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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