[DRBD-user] "syncer" crash when doing full resync

Markus R. mxr at mos.at
Fri Jun 25 17:02:01 CEST 2004

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> BTW: I have the feeling that it has something to do with 2.4.26,
>      have you also tried to run it on 2.4.25 ?

i tried with 2.4.25-vs1.27 and the fpe fix patch now.

result: exactly the same. only the ksymoops output is a little bit

>>EIP; de92d773 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+13/210>   <=====

>>edi; dc507f9c <_end+1c0036c4/1e420788>
>>esp; dc507f44 <_end+1c00366c/1e420788>

Trace; de92aff9 <[drbd]drbdd+529/930>
Trace; de92b45a <[drbd]drbdd_init+5a/e0>
Trace; de92f4db <[drbd]__module_parm_desc_disable_io_hints+14d7/1b7c>
Trace; de926a8d <[drbd]drbd_thread_setup+2d/50>
Trace; c010738e <arch_kernel_thread+2e/40>
Trace; de926a60 <[drbd]drbd_thread_setup+0/50>

Code;  de92d773 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+13/210>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code;  de92d773 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+13/210>   <=====
   0:   8b 06                     mov    (%esi),%eax   <=====
Code;  de92d775 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+15/210>
   2:   0f b6 58 14               movzbl 0x14(%eax),%ebx
Code;  de92d779 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+19/210>
   6:   a1 e4 fb 92 de            mov    0xde92fbe4,%eax
Code;  de92d77e <[drbd]drbd_end_req+1e/210>
   b:   69 db dc 02 00 00         imul   $0x2dc,%ebx,%ebx
Code;  de92d784 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+24/210>
  11:   01 c3                     add    %eax,%ebx
Code;  de92d786 <[drbd]drbd_end_req+26/210>
  13:   31 00                     xor    %eax,(%eax)

ohwell :(

Markus Rambossek

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