[DRBD-user] questions about sync rate

Paul Chen paulchen at qnap.com.tw
Fri Jun 25 07:44:01 CEST 2004

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Hi all,

I am new to drb so I am not sure if the result I'm getting is really what it suppose to be. I have set up 2 identical systems using a customized redhat7.2, A and B. The only difference is that A has a 10gb hd and B has a 6gb hd. Redhat is installed on another hd. The thing that I was un-sure of is that when I started drbd in both system, the whole sync process took about 2 hr. Is it normal to take that long to sync a 5gb hd?
speed is about 700~1000k/sec.

CPU: 300 mhz
RAM: 128 MB

I'm using drbd 0.6.11
below is my conf file

resource drbd0 {
  protocol = C
  fsckcmd  =  /bin/true

  disk {
    disk-size = 5895855k

  net {
    sync-rate = 8M # bytes/sec
    sync-nice  = -18  # if synchronization is high priority for you
    timeout     = 60    # unit: 0.1 seconds
    connect-int = 10    # unit: seconds
    ping-int    = 10    # unit: seconds
    ko-count    = 4     # if some block send times out this many times,
   # the peer is considered dead, even if it still
   # answeres ping requests

  on cluster1 {
    device  = /dev/nb0
    disk    = /dev/hde3
    address =
    port    = 7788

  on cluster2 {
    device  = /dev/nb0
    disk    = /dev/hde3
    address =
    port    = 7788

Thanks very much,
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