[DRBD-user] Transfer rates

Daniel Khan d.khan at ventigo.com
Thu Jun 24 19:39:47 CEST 2004

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first I want to thank you for all the answers.

Finally I found out that I simply don't understand the figures :\
I really have my problems with the bits and bytes.....

But maybe someone can explain...

/proc/drbd says:

sync'ed: 67.5% (103428/317546)M
finish: 0:58:25h speed: 30,733 (29,474) K/sec

O.K. so we have
317546-103428 = 214118 Mbytes to go and drbd calculates that this will 
take ~ 58min

214118/58 = 3691,7 / 60 = 62 Mbytes/sec = 492 Mbits/sec
and that sounds nice.

But what does the 30,733 (29,474) K/sec mean then...?

Hey - I don't have a degree in computer science :)

To the NFS thing.
This was only ment as sidenote as I also have this slow transfers if I 
have a normal (not drbd) share.
I have to look into this separately - I simply wanted to know if the 
numbers are reasonable.

Thanks for helping me out.

Daniel Khan

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