[DRBD-user] apt-getable binary module debs

David Krovich dkrovich at csee.wvu.edu
Sun Jun 13 22:00:10 CEST 2004

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I've been experimenting with building binary module debs that install
against stock Debian kernels.  My goal is to eventually have this
included into Debian, which should make using drbd on Debian extremely
easy.  You would just apt-get install the userspace tools, and apt-get
install the binary module for whatever stock Debian kernel you have
installed, and you're off to the races.

My first attempt at building against 2.4.26 is now available at my apt

deb http://fsrc.csee.wvu.edu/debian/apt-repository binary/
deb-src http://fsrc.csee.wvu.edu/debian/apt-repository source/

Please test out and send me feedback.  If you would like binary
modules built against kernels other than 2.4.26, let me know and I can
quickly roll them up.

Lastly, I'm curious as to the state of DRBD in other distributions.
Are there binary module packages available to install against stock
RedHat and SUSE kernels for instance?

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