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Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Sat Jun 12 11:09:26 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-06-12 10:23:55 +0200
\ Andreas Unterkircher:
> Hello list!
> I searched trough the archives, but didn't find any similar things...
> I have a setup with two cluster nodes (debian SID) and 3 drbd devices on the
> nodes. They run a plain 2.4.26 kernel with drbd 0.6.12.
> Nodes are named debian1 & debian2 - also connected through a crossover cable
> (drbddebian1 & drbddebian2).
> Sometimes, when i reboot the secondary node and it comes up again, i got
> following message when drbd is starting in the bootup sequence:
>     "ERROR: Minor for /dev/nb2 'drbd2' not found in /proc/drbd"
> ... and drbd2 goes into unconfigured state or sometimes didn't appear in
> /proc/drbd....
> ... drbd0 & drbd1 are always ok and never had problems!
> After an manual "/etc/init.d/drbd restart" all went fine...
> All minors i think are at there right place (on both hosts):

well, but minors from 2 upwards don't show up in _/proc/drbd_ unless you
load the module with a minor_count=3 (or more. default is 2) .
the drbd script does this.
but maybe you (or some other script, or module auto load mechanism)
load the drbd module already *before* the drbd start script is executed,
and do *not* probide the minor_count parameter.

either you can track that down, and give the parameter there explicitly.
or you can try if adding an options line in /etc/modules.conf does the
trick for you:

 # maybe this disables the autoload, and gives the start script a chance:
  alias block-major-43 off
 # otherwise, this maybe solves the problem:
  alias block-major-43 drbd
  options drbd minor_count=27 # or =3 or =42 ...

	Lars Ellenberg

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