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Wed Jun 2 19:13:28 CEST 2004

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Thanks Helmut,

Please bear with me, I'm a relative novice! A couple of more questions ...

>Install everything first, reserve enough disk space for DRBD->partitions.
Then make the partitions, configure DRBD, then >configure the services.

Q1: Do you mean install all (OS and applications) identically on both machines
and then configure DRBD, services? Or can I install all on one and just
the OS on the second, put in DRBD on both, configure the services and see
all replicated to the second? I am starting from scratch.

>DRBD is a block device. You can use it for (nearly) everything >like a
partition of your harddisk. For failover of services, >related  DRBD-resources
and related IP you need something like >heartbeat.

Q2: You mentioned heartbeat, and I see it's included in the 9.1 distro.
Is this to be installed and configured after DRDB but before the services?
Or last?

>Mainly you should mirror the data space of your services, maybe >the logs.
Yes, or unison e.g. But again, mirroring _everything_ >will not work. You
have to exclude some directories and some >files.

Q3: Is there a list somehwere? Apart from data, how do I know that on primary
fail, some essential service hasn't been left out from the secondary because
I did not include some directory on the primary for mirroring?

Sorry if the questions appear naive. Thanks.

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