[DRBD-user] Hard disk upgrade

Matthias Zeichmann matthias at volltext.net
Sat Jan 31 17:19:02 CET 2004

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<quote who="Lars Ellenberg" when="Fri, 30 Jan 2004 22:13:02 +0100"/>

> so the plan A becomes:
[resize2fs /dev/nbx]

lars, you saved my weekend. i was quite in despair; thanks for your 

i just want to bring up a question again asked previously in this thread:

<quote who="Matthias Zeichmann" when="Fri, 30 Jan 2004 16:04:21 +0100" />
> btw: is current cvs compatible with 0.6.7 to allow painless upgrade?
> api on 0.6.7 was 63...

the complete version string is:
# cat /proc/drbd | head -1
version: 0.6.7rc (api:63/proto:62)

regards m
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