[DRBD-user] rolling upgrades

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Fri Feb 20 12:07:28 CET 2004

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Am Montag, 16. Februar 2004 17:27 schrieb Weyer, Wolfram:
> Hi,
> have there been thoughts about upgrading drbd in a failover-cluster without
> shutting down the service?
> I am thinking of this scenario:
>  - put standby server to offline
>  - upgrade drbd on this node
>  - bring standby server online again
>  - resync the newversion-standby with oldversion-active
>  - failover
>  - then upgrade the former active
> Currently there is a piece of code that prevents different-version-drbds to
> communicate in drbd_receiver.c, which means that a bugfix-upgrade for drbd
> causes a significant outage for the server. This hurts in an HA
> application. Solutions like md in a shared storage environment can deal
> much easier with this.
> First I can think of bugfixes that have no effect on data-structures and
> data-flow over the network, there is no need to force the versions to
> incompatible then. Then checking with a new define similar to API_VERSION
> for drbduser, which does not increase for these changes would make it
> happen.
> I doubt there is a change to implement rolling upgrades from 0.6.x to 0.7
> but having this in mind for the 0.6 maintenance releases would help a lot.
> /Wolfram

This was introduced before 0.6 was released. Rolling upgrades are supported
for all 0.6.x releases (not for some earlier 0.6-preX releases)

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