[DRBD-user] Re: Daily crashes with a XFS filesystem on a DRBD 0.7.5 device with 2.6 SMP

Arne Groh agroh at asl.uni-kassel.de
Sun Dec 12 17:22:10 CET 2004

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i'm in the same situation. we're using

kernel with smp
drbd 0.7.6

but i'm not able to reproduce the situation. i feel that the primary node
crashes when there is a bit more traffic (we use the system as

what i tried (without result):
- use drbd 0.7.6 instead of 0.7.5
- compile kernel with CC = gcc -fno-stack-protector
- use protocol A instead of B instead of C
- change ko-counts from 0 to 12
- variate syncer-rate

hope someone has new ideas ....

Arne Groh
Universitaet Kassel
FB 6 Architektur, Stadt- und Landschaftsplanung
34127 Kassel
+49 561 804-2939

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