[DRBD-user] DRBD 0.7.x queries

Vic Berdin vic at digi.com.ph
Fri Dec 3 06:05:05 CET 2004

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Hi everyone, 

I'm about to try out the latest 0.7.6 release. Upon reading the drbd.conf
parameters and relating them with my 0.6.13, I noticed that the 0.7.6
requires a "meta-disk" specification. And this meta-disk *should-be* enough
to hold on at least 128M/resource.

Now my concern is this, I'm actually trying to implement DRBD on an embedded
environment using only a 250M compact flash. My final target is to allocate
at least 200M (or hopefully a few more) for the resource/data partition that
will be mirrored on another identical embedded node. The rest will be
consumed by my rootfs images (mostly Kernel, initrd, and squashfs images). 

The point is, I don't have enough *physical* space to use as a
"128M-meta-disk". Is there some work around to this so that I can
incorporate a more stable/feature-full DRBD release?

BTW, after tweaking some more on my scripts, and placing /var/lib/drbd on a
non-volatile fs, the 0.6.13 release currently seem to workout just fine on
my thin environment. I'm still doing some more tests though. And its best if
I can still make use of the DRBD 0.7.x on my project.

TIA & Best regards - Vic

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