[DRBD-user] IP not found on this host.

Markus Eckerl me at networks-and-security.de
Tue Apr 27 14:43:51 CEST 2004

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LE> / 2004-04-27 16:13:06 +0400
LE> \ Eugene Crosser:
>> On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 14:57, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>> > > root at nfsa2:~# drbdadm disconnect all
>> > > /etc/drbd.conf:39: in resource drbd0, on nfsa2:
>> > >         IP not found on this host.
>> > 
>> > probably my fault...
>> > the command issues is delegated to bash like this:
>> > [[ `/sbin/ip -o addr show scope global to <IP>` == *inet\ <IP>/* ]]
>> > 
>> > maybe the "scope global" is too tight?
>> > or /sbin/ip is not where it is on your box?
>> There is no.
>> AFAIK /sbin/ip is a redhatizm; the portable command is /sbin/ifconfig.

LE> I'm not so sure about the redhatizm. I'm on SuSE :)
LE> actually I thought of /sbin/ip as the "new way" to do it on linux,
LE> because it is said to better support the "advanced routing options" and
LE> better support aliases and whatnot.

>> > anyways, because I expected inconsistencies with this
>> > sanity check, it is currently a warning only, until I get it working
>> > properly on all boxes.
>> It's working, yes.

LE> going to let it settle, and wait for more feedback,
LE> eventually falling back to ifconfig, or drop this sanity check
LE> completely, since drbdsetup should complain soon enough if the adresses
LE> where actually unavailable.

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ip is part of iproute package. iproute is the name on debian boxes. 

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