[DRBD-user] Zombie, Zombie?

Andreas Semt as at computer-leipzig.de
Mon Apr 26 22:10:14 CEST 2004

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> / 2004-04-26 15:46:50 +0200
> \ Andreas Semt:
>>Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>>>/ 2004-04-26 13:37:04 +0200
>>>\ Andreas Semt:
>>>>Another question: I have a directory on a partition on top of a drbd 
>>>>device. The load average was very high for that machine (around 6).
>>>>When i tried to do a "ls -l" in that directory, nothing happens, the "ls 
>>>>-l" command hangs. However there was no drbd traffic at all on the drbd 
>>>>device for the specific partition. Could it be that some drbd process 
>>>>was responsible for the "hang"? How can I detect which process access 
>>>>the drbd device at a particular time?
>>>in normal operation, with drbd 0.6,  you should have
>>>drbd_receiver, drbd_asender on both nodes.
>>>when sync is in progress, you have additionally the drbd_syncer.
>>>in 0.7, you have regardless of sync, on both nodes:
>>>drbd_receiver, drbd_asender, drbd_worker.
>>Oh my ... drbd_receiver is not on one of the nodes!
>>Here the output (i have four drbd devices):
>>node1:~# ps aux | grep drbd
>>root       255  0.8  0.0     0    0 ?        SW   10:01   2:55 [drbdd_0]
> oops, my fault :))
> drbdd is "the" drbd daemon, which IS the drbd_receiver thread :)

Good to know!

Right now i had the same phenomenon: A load average of 16 (!) and cpu 
almost idle. No (read/write) access to the partition on the drbd device 
Can i see what causes that "hang" i.e. the processes who read/write do 
that partition/drbd device?
Can i enable a debug mode of drbd to see if drbd has something to do 
with that?
Can I see some kernel messages regarding disc access?

THANKS for help! That problem is REALLY annoying!

Best regards,
Andreas Semt

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