[DRBD-user] Re: loop device and eth0 loop-back + latest version

Nuno Tavares nunotavares at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 03:34:17 CEST 2004

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Em Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:04:24 +0200, Lars Ellenberg escreveu:

> well, "allowing concurrent access" *always* implies correct locking.
> and, DRBD is a BLOCK DEVICE, not a file system.

Sorry, i keep forgetting it.

> yes, I already have some "weird concepts" in the back of my head for it.
> but currently we need to make it *work* first, then we can add features.

How do you mean? It doesn't work at all? Which is the last working/better
> go ahead, make a good concept for two nodes concurrently accessing two
> blockdevices, which are expected to look identical, and keep in mind
> that we need to be able to (re)sync after error cases, and that each
> node needs to be sure it has *the same* consistent view of the data as
> its peer, if present...

Just wondering.. ever thought of splitting the work by 2 layers (kernel
and user space)?
> get a pen an paper, and write it down. sleep over it.  post the results
> here. we shall be happy to discuss it.

Well, that, I can try! :)

Lars, what about the other questions I've made?

Nuno Tavares

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