[DRBD-user] [patch] in-kernel builds

Eugene Crosser crosser at rol.ru
Tue Apr 20 19:19:01 CEST 2004

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On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 20:15, Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> > Just to be pedantic: for me, $(KVER) failed to initialize on "make
> > kernel-patch" so the name of the resulting file was
> > "patch-linux--drbd-"0.7_pre6"
> how about this. then it is your buisiness to name KDIR "phony"...
>  kernel-patch:
>  	set -o noclobber; \
> -	d=patch-linux-$(KVER)-drbd-$(DIST_VERSION);\
> +	kbase=$$(basename $(KDIR)); \
> +	d=patch-$$kbase-drbd-$(DIST_VERSION);\
>  	bash scripts/patch-kernel $(KDIR) . > $$d

How about plain and naive

KVER=`awk '/^#define UTS_RELEASE/{print $3}' $KDIR/include/linux/version.h`

? (Actually, I think the whole issue is not worth the effort...  Just
call it "drbd-kernel-patch" and everyone is happy)

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