[drbd-mc] Cannot add extra IDE CD-ROM to VM + more issues

Rasto Levrinc rasto.levrinc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 10:59:07 CEST 2012

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Caspar Smit <c.smit at truebit.nl> wrote:
> Hi Rasto,
> -After creating a VM I'd like to add another ISO as IDE CD-ROM to the
> VM through Add disk while the VM is running.
> 1) Click on Add disk
> 2) Select Image File
> 3) Disk Type IDE CD-ROM
> 4) Now I cannot select the target device (only selectable is <<nothing
> selected>>)
> Applying ends in error and using IDE DISK instead doesn;t work because
> it doesn't take the ISO file as disk.

Hi Caspar,

Somehow it was assumed there's only one CD drive.
I've made the field editable:

> More issues:
> -Disconnect and connect to a cluster clears all VM info (need to quit
> LCMC and restart to get it working again).

Not sure how to reproduce this one. Which VM info do you mean?

> -Is it possible to refresh the mouse cursor more accurately when
> viewing the console for a VM from within LCMC, I have LOADS of
> difficulty selecting buttons/menus because the underlying mouse cursor
> is already 'offscreen' this is VERY frustrating.

You can make tablet instead of mouse device, to avoid this problem.

> -When I shutdown a VM from the VNC console, the console stays 'active'
> even if the VM has shut down, it would be nice if the console is
> closed when the VM has shutdown.

I've put that on my TODO list.



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