[drbd-mc] Cannot add extra IDE CD-ROM to VM + more issues

Caspar Smit c.smit at truebit.nl
Thu Jul 19 14:50:32 CEST 2012

Hi Rasto,

-After creating a VM I'd like to add another ISO as IDE CD-ROM to the
VM through Add disk while the VM is running.

1) Click on Add disk

2) Select Image File

3) Disk Type IDE CD-ROM

4) Now I cannot select the target device (only selectable is <<nothing

Applying ends in error and using IDE DISK instead doesn;t work because
it doesn't take the ISO file as disk.

More issues:

-Disconnect and connect to a cluster clears all VM info (need to quit
LCMC and restart to get it working again).

-Is it possible to refresh the mouse cursor more accurately when
viewing the console for a VM from within LCMC, I have LOADS of
difficulty selecting buttons/menus because the underlying mouse cursor
is already 'offscreen' this is VERY frustrating.

-When I shutdown a VM from the VNC console, the console stays 'active'
even if the VM has shut down, it would be nice if the console is
closed when the VM has shutdown.

ps. I'm using LCMC 1.3.16

Kind regards,

Caspar Smit

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