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Thu Feb 9 20:40:47 CET 2012

thus eliminating some of the repetitive work. You can select services,
block devices and hosts by drawing a rectangle around them, or
ctrl-click them. The menus in this context work on all selected
components. For example you can select multiple services and migrate
them all at once, instead of doing it one by one.


As you probably don't know there were options to connect to the existing
cluster quickly, but since kids these days don't even know what a
command line option is, there is now an in-your-face button for that.

Much work went into reducing the number of SSH connection and sudo calls
in this release as well, because they used to log a lot.

LCMC web page:


Source code:

* implement quick-connect-to-the-cluster box
* implement a ignore-defaults resource agent list
* workaround for iSCSITarget RA
* enable sudo checkbox if user is not root automatically
* disable one-host cluster by default
* add --one-host-cluster option
* rewrite code that collects info from the cluster
* fixes a null pointer exception while clicking on the host
* implement multi selection

Rasto Levrinc

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