[drbd-mc] drbd-mc 0.9.8.dev_1: Add depending Service

Oualid Nouri o.nouri at computer-lan.de
Wed Sep 7 13:27:49 CEST 2011

sorry I've had to be more precisely.
When I use the menu option "Add New Depending Service" to add new service (controld  for example ) to an existing one (let's say an existing drbd-resource example) then the new service definition template for the controld  service is displayed with an arrow to symbolize the relation between the existing Service definition (drbd-service) as expected.

After the definition of the new depending service the "relational" arrow (for colocation and order) between the drbd and the controld resource disappears. Using "crm_mon" for controlling  shows also that there is no colocation nor order definition between the two resources.

But when you use the context menu option "Start before" on the drbd-resource and select the now existing controld-resource as target the colocation and order  is defined and is also displayed with crm_mon.

I helpful I can send you 2  screen shots.


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> > Hi Rasto,
> >
> > Using "add depending service" adds only the service but no colocation
> > and order constraint.
> >
> > During definition it shows the line between the services but the
> > result is without colocation and order.
> >
> > But it can be added with "start before" context menu option.
> >
> > Tested with Windows 7.
> Hi,
> could you describe exactly what you did? I've tried the following: I added Apache
> service, applied it, right clicked on it, chose "Add New Dependent Service",
> chose another Apache, applied it. It worked with Windows 7.
> The result was with colocation and order.
> Rasto
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