[drbd-mc] Some VMs ignored by drbd-mc

Whit Blauvelt whit.drbd at transpect.com
Thu Sep 1 17:08:33 CEST 2011


I like drbd-mc - don't use all its capabilities, but for setting up DRBD
between KVM VMs, each on its own DRBD-on-LVM resource, it's handy. So I've
got about 18 of these VMs over two servers, split between primary and
secondary roles.

There are two that drbd-mc is simply failing to show, and so is no help in
setting up and maintaining the DRBD aspect for. In this case the names are
"geos3" and "geos4", and they're running:

  # virsh list --all
   Id Name                 State
    5 geos4                running
   24 geos2                running
   25 geos3                running

There's also a "geos2" VM, which drbd-mc does recognize. Could it be so
simple as drbd-mc not liking a name that's a duplicate except for a digit
change? I suspect that because there's also a "geos3" which it's not
finding, although that one's currently not running.

The xml files are all in /etc/libvirt/qemu, and there's no significant
difference in the definitions:

  # diff geos4.xml geos2.xml 
  <   <name>geos4</name>
  <   <uuid>7b62c4b9-82ed-6d06-e303-e2eff79b24d5</uuid>
  >   <name>geos2</name>
  >   <uuid>e4a496b3-5f7d-b27a-6f86-113ec34327b1</uuid>
  <       <source dev='/dev/womb/geos4'/>
  >       <source dev='/dev/womb/geos2'/>
  <       <mac address='00:16:36:10:a5:ab'/>
  >       <mac address='00:16:36:22:24:a0'/>

So what's drbd-mc's blind spot from here? Any suggestions on how to get it
to recognize the reality?


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