[drbd-mc] Drbd-mc and debian Squeeze

Steve W. Kwee kwee at it-warehouse.de
Wed Apr 13 18:31:59 CEST 2011

I am running DMC with a small cluster of debian squeeze hosts with
default packages (pacemaker 1.0.9, corosync)
and found 3 problems when using the default ocf-xen resource agent 
1. allow_mem_management=true/false
the agent expects 0/1 instead of true/false.
has been fixed in a later version of the RA (macro ocf_is_true)
2. DMC does not support allow-migrate
With allow-migrate=true live migration of a drbd-backed domU works like
a charm.
I fixed this manually but every time i use "apply" in the DMC this
parameter is lost.
3. shutdown_timeout=true/false
The RA expects a numerical value, DMC passes true/false
This seems to be true even for the latest version of the RA from
next i will have a look at the DMC sources
kind regards

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