[drbd-mc] Sandbox in DMC?

Rasto Levrinc rasto.levrinc at linbit.com
Tue Mar 16 10:53:19 CET 2010

On Tue, March 16, 2010 9:43 am, Michael Schwartzkopff wrote:

> is it possible to use pacemakers sandbox in DMC?

Kind of. When you make some changes and you hover your mouse over apply
buttons or pulldown menus a "shadow" cib is created and results from ptest
are shown in popup and the whole graphics starts to blink, with what would
happen, pressing that button. This quite useful once you get use to it.

I am still thinking how to show changes that happens in more steps. Now
you can see just the end result of your changes.

One more that will happen in the future is one big apply button (or commit
button) that will allow to apply and ptest changes to more resources at
once and of course a revert button, if you don't like the changes. I was
thinking also about "multiple undo" and "redo" buttons, but I still have
to think if it is good idea.

Maybe I will also add a kind of shadow cib management like it is in crm
shell, if there is demand for it.

> Is it possible to use ptest graphing features in DMC?

Not yet, but it's been already brought up. Probably I will add a menu
item, that will simply create and show the graphic to the user.


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