[drbd-mc] drbd-mc-0.5.1 could not find disk

Matthias Albert matthias at ma-c.de
Thu Feb 4 12:31:02 CET 2010

Hi all,

first, thanks a lot for creating such a tool :-). It looks really good and it seems that with this tool everyone can easily create the required config for heartbeat/pacemaker and so on.

ATM I've the problem that I can't add the service "Filesystem + Linbit:DRBD" to my cluster, because I can't choose the drbd device.

My setup is like this

Debian Lenny/drbd 8.3.2
  PV /dev/sdb1   VG drbdlvm1   lvm2 [1.09 TB / 617.29 GB free]
  Found volume group "drbdlvm1" using metadata type lvm2
LV Name                /dev/drbdlvm1/lvovz1
LV Name                /dev/drbdlvm1/lvovz1-meta

On top of my lvm device /dev/drbdlvm1/lvoz1 I've created my drbd device

resource r0 {

    device    /dev/drbd0;
    disk      /dev/mapper/drbdlvm1-lvovz1;
    meta-disk /dev/mapper/drbdlvm1-lvovz1--meta[0];

With drbd-mc, I can only select my block devices like sda sda1 sdb but not drbd0. At the console where I started drbd-mc I can see the following output

APPWARNING: cannot select: 
APPWARNING: could not find disk: /dev/mapper/drbdlvm1-lvovz1 on host: srv-ovz02
APPWARNING: could not find disk: /dev/mapper/drbdlvm1-lvovz1 on host: srv-ovz01

Is this a missing feature or just a bug :-)?

Best wishes,


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