[drbd-mc] debian-style config with dmc

Jerry Amundson jamundso at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 06:34:31 CET 2010

On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 6:44 PM, Peter Beck <peter at datentraeger.li> wrote:
> Hi guys,


> I am using Debian (Squeeze) and I've just downloaded DMC 0.8.6.
> The DRBD config files on Debian are stored in /etc/drbd.d/
> and the /etc/drbd.conf just links to this directory:
> drbd.conf:----8<--------8<--------
> include "drbd.d/global_common.conf";
> include "drbd.d/*.res";
> ----8<--------8<--------8<--------
> DMC will replace this config with its own config including all
> resources. Will this change to work with "debian-style" in future
> releases ?

This "style" is also in effect with Fedora, so I suspect upstream
source is creating the layout as such.

> This is not a "real" problem (i think on most systems it's this way, but
> not debian), I just want to know if I have to use this "style" of config
> in future or if it will work with "debian-default" ;)

Me too. I prefer to not overwrite modular, flexible files placed by
smart packages. :)

> Other than that - I love this app, great work, makes live much easier

Me too.


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