[drbd-mc] First impression

Motoharu Kubo mkubo at 3ware.co.jp
Tue Feb 17 13:35:22 CET 2009


Congratulations to the release of DRBD Management Console (DMC)!

My first impression is DMC is very beautiful and impressive compared to
existing clustering management GUI.

As we prefer Japanese, my fellow has started translation and some menu
items and some messages are translated.  It seems to work fine.

Although I have not travelled fully, I am convinced that the DMC will be
an excellent management tool for DRBD+heartbeat cluster.

I would submit two feature requests as my first feedback.

1.  Could it be possible to have Preference dialog?

- switch language
- toggle passphrase popup for those who does not set passphrase for
  their SSH key.
- switch theme (if it is possible to have various themes)

2.  ability to switch design of screen.  In fact, I love Mt. Fuji and
cherry blossom:-)  Of course others would love other welcome screen:-)

Motoharu Kubo
ThirdWare Inc. (Chiba, Japan)

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