[Drbd-dev] drbdsetup legacy utils can't fall back to version 8.3

Lionel Sausin ls at numerigraphe.com
Tue Apr 22 17:53:54 CEST 2014

Thanks for your answer.
The Ubuntu maintainer decided to apply the following patch:

Le 22/04/2014 14:56, Lars Ellenberg a écrit :
> "Correct" is whatever works for you.
> As long as you know what version you are using, use the matching tools.
> Note that using explicit path (anything with a '/' in it)
> on drbdadm or drbdsetup causes them to expect the respective "legacy"
> binary at that same path, beneath the current executable.
> (on purpose).
> So if you want to say /sbin/drbdsetup, and expect that to be able to
> execvp drbdsetup-83, then yes, you have to make that accesible under
> /sbin/drbdsetup-83, adding it to the PATH will not be good enough.
> Also, as a heads up, we are in the process on splitting out the DRBD
> userland, providing the "grand unified drbd utils", so this will all
> change again within the next few weeks/month.

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