[Drbd-dev] drbd 8.0.0 over IP over infiniband crashes

Goswin von Brederlow brederlo at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Feb 15 11:12:36 CET 2007


I have problems running drbd over IP over infiniband where I don't
quite know what is to blame for the problem. I am wondering
if anyone has a similar setup that works.

Hardware too nearly identical systems:

4 Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.73GHz cores
4 GB ram
Infiniband cross link
2x SATA disks in software raid1 for the system
6x 300G SAS/SATA disks for 6x drbd

Software: xen kernel
drbd 8.0.0


IP-over-infiniband setup as 10.0.0.{1,2}
6 drbd devices, one for each of the 6 disks in each host
active-active setup

The drbd comes up and starts to sync the 6 devices and then after a
short while I get a kernel oops.

Does anyone have anything similar running, e.g. drbd under xen or drbd
over ip over infiniband?


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