[Drbd-dev] Summary (3rd try)

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Wed Aug 25 17:13:45 CEST 2004


I tried to incooperate the comments of LMB and LGE. Please review:

after-pri-pri-now-sec-sec = 
 disconnect     No automatic resynchronisation gets performed. One
                node should drop its net-conf (preferable the
                node that would become sync-target)
 ass-older      Auto sync source is the oder primary (curr.behaviour i.t.s.)
 ass-younger    Auto sync source is the younger primary
 ass-furthest   Auto sync source is the node that did more modifications
 ass-NODENAME   Auto sync source is the named node 

pri-sees-sec-with-higher-gc =
 disconnect	(current behaviour)
 ass-primary	Auto sync source is the current primary
 panic		The current primary panics. The node with the
		higher gc should take over.

1) The disconnect actions cause the sync-target or the secondary
   node to go into StandAllone state.
2) If two nodes in primary state try to connect one of them goes
   into StandAllone state (=curr. behaviour)
3) As soon as the decission is takes the sync-target addopts the
   GC of the sync source. 
   [ The whole algorith would also work if both would reset their 
     GCs to <0,0,0...> after the decission, but since we also
     use the GC to tag the bitmap it is better the current way ]

Is this better than try2 ?
Should we improve the naming ? "ass" might not be the best choice.
Do you think that the naming is constent ?
Is it still ambiguous ?

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