[Drbd-dev] Summary (2nd try)

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Wed Aug 25 15:01:59 CEST 2004


After I realized that we no longer make any node primary automatically :)
Here the suggestion of the new configure option:

after-primary-primary = 
 disconnect	No automatic resynchronisation gets performed. One
		node should drop its net-conf (preferable the
		node that would become sync-target)
		I think this should be default.
 ass-older	Auto sync source is the oder primary (current default i.t.s.)
 ass-younger	Auto sync source is the younger primary
 ass-furthest   Auto sync source is the node that did more modifications
 ass-NODENAME   Auto sync source is the named node 

Falls es schon einen pirmary gibt (also dieses:

      N1    N2
  P --- S   Everything ok.
  P - - S   N1 is failing, but for the moment being just can no
            longer answer the network; but it is still able to update
            drbds generation counts
  ?   - S   Now N1 may be dead, or maybe not
  X   - S   A sane Cluster-mgr makes N2 primary, but stonith N1 first ...
  X   - P   N1 now is really dead.
  S --- P   N1 comes back
  S - : P   oops, N1 has "better" generation counts than N2
            N2 shall become sync target, but since it is
            currently Primary, it will refuse this.
            It goes standalone.

) Dann:

 disconnect   (current behaviour in the situation.)
 ass-*        Auto sync, but the current primary gets sync-source.

What do you think ?

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