[Csync2] Errors when running csync2

Christopher J Bidwell cbidwell at usgs.gov
Tue Oct 5 22:33:42 CEST 2010

Sorry, yes I have verified that they are both compiled with ssl.

Not sure how to force "nossl"

I get a:
[root at glddb-master etc]# csync2 -xvv
My hostname is glddb-master.
Database-File: /var/lib/csync2/glddb-master.db
Config-File:   /etc/csync2.cfg
Near line 10: syntax error

Where line 10 states:  nossl glddb-master (glddb-slave1);
Thank you,

Chris Bidwell, RHCT
Red Hat Linux Administrator

Dennis Schafroth <dennis at schafroth.dk>
Christopher J Bidwell <cbidwell at usgs.gov>
csync2 at lists.linbit.com
10/05/2010 01:47 PM
Re: [Csync2] Errors when running csync2


I am not sure I am that helpfull but looking at the code, it simply not 
possible to get that message with HAVE_LIBGNUTLS enabled. From update.c: 

if ( read_conn_status(0, peername) ) {
                        csync_debug(1, "SSL command failed.\n");
                        return -1;
                conn_check_peer_cert(peername, 1);
                csync_debug(0, "ERROR: Config request SSL but this csync2 
is built without SSL support.\n");
                return -1;

Similar for the remote in csync2.c which happens on the start: 

                        conn_printf("OK (activating_ssl).\n");

                        if ( !conn_gets(line, 4096) ) return 0;
                        cmd = strtok(line, "\t \r\n");
                        para = cmd ? strtok(0, "\t \r\n") : 0;
                        conn_printf("This csync2 server is built without 
SSL support.\n");
                        return 0;

Could you be running a different version than you actually is doing your 
ldd check on? ldd `which csync2` 

Can you try with

nossl  glddb-master glddb-slave1 

just to check that your config works without SSL ?


On 05/10/2010, at 21.22, Christopher J Bidwell wrote:

Just a little bit of insight as to how my setup "should" go. 

I have a primary webserver that should feed content to four public 

My contents of my /etc:  (this is the same on both my master and my slave 
[@glddb-slave1 etc]# lsl csync2* 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 710 Oct  5  2010 csync2.cfg 
-rw------- 1 root root  65 Oct  5  2010 csync2.key_ehp 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 774 Oct  5  2010 csync2_ssl_cert.pem 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 887 Oct  5  2010 csync2_ssl_key.pem 

Here is my configuration file: 
# Csync2 Example Configuration File 
# --------------------------------- 
# Please read the documentation: 
# http://oss.linbit.com/csync2/paper.pdf 

group mygroup 
         host glddb-master (glddb-slave1); 

         key /etc/csync2.key_ehp; 

         include /home/www/vhosts/ehp.wr; 
I figure just for simplicity I'll remove any other complexities until I 
can at least get communication to work. 

I run csync2 -iivvv and I get this: 
[glddb-slave1 csync2]# csync2 -iivvv 
Csync2 daemon running. Waiting for connections. 
<11462> New connection from 

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